sources for PhD studies – refugee themes

Here is a listing of degree programs dealing with Intercultural Competence

Applying for Refugee Status in Canada

UNHCR (to be government sponsored you need to be acknowledged from this organization) –

UNHCR Contact locations in Germany


Albanian – Muslim Society (based in Toronto)

Albanian Canadian Organization of Ottawa (based in Toronto)









great advice on how to put together a dis proposal here

how to prepare for your diseration here

One of my economic professors who published “comparative economic systems” here is a short bio

An example of a defence here

Don’t forget to film yourself!!

Here is something about maybe the person who I am working with at the HE. here

Another prof who looks familiar here

Blog about immigration by (I think) a Carleton U prof here

Article from someone in my situation here

Malta wants to offer EU citizenship for money artlcle here

Some key definitions here

Another article about dual citizenship here

This looks like a great starting point, since it is an institute on migration here!

I think that this is absolutely false information but may be something to get back too here

Information from the DE government about citizenship laws here

Infor from DE gove about naturalization here

Article from the Spiegel (in English) about the situation here

DAAD grants? info here

article about optionspflicht and people having to choose nationality even if they are born in DE here

Here is a link to a paper discussing the possible impacts of dual citizenship in the US of certain groups here

Dual citizen rights research paper here

article about the recent debates in DE about dual citizenship here

another article here


100+ Tuition Free Online Degree/Courses and Scholarships

Free online negotiation courses

Greenpeace video

difference between GDP and GNP