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English Breakfast

Start your morning with a special blend of English Breakfast found only at radiofips: an intercultural radio program featuring the internationally minded and culturally curious in Göppingen and the region. We profile and interview guest interested in local communities, bringing experiences from around the world. This program is hosted in English with a unique mix of German flavours.

Der perfekte Start in den Tag mit dem Aroma von English Breakfat auf radiofips: eine Sendung für interkulturell und international interessierte Hörer in Göppingen und Umgebung. Wir stellen Gäste vor, die an lokalen Geschehnissen interessiert sind und Erfahrungen aus aller Welt einbringen. Das Programm ist moderiert in Englisch bietet aber auch einige deutsche “Geschmacksnoten” 


Featured Guests


Agathe Seither-Hees, discusses the meaning of fair trade and how our purchases affect others in the the southern lands. This year marks the 40 year anniversary of the organization, which is driven by its volunteers. Education of groups through the Global classroom “Globales Klassenzimmer” or through actions and events such as Fair Trade days are just a few examples of their activities. 

women in city hall

We review a special exhibition celebrating women in politics in Göppingen. Anja Schick, the Gleichstellungsbeauftragte for the City of Göppingen initiated the project which profiles women in local politics over the past 100 years. One thing is for sure, although many steps have been made there is still much work to be done in gaining representation for women in politics.

albanian theater

Xhevat Limani, producer and actor as well as founder of the Albanian Theater in America is our guest on this week’s Show. The Inspiration behind this historical drama showcasing the legendary Albanian hero Skanderbeg marking the 550 year anniversary of his death are discussed. The unique spin in exploring Donica’s character and the use of classical voice by Soprano Era Hoxha create a memorable performance which is especially popular among Albanian diaspora.

winter special Xmas 2018

More Colours perform at Club Bambule Reggae, Hip Hop, Soul and Dancehall to spread their message of positivity and love between cultures as they call out for more humanity. Sponsored by the Flüchtlingsrat Baden Württemberg to bring awareness to the Gambian Although Gambia has been declared as a “secure country.” the refugee council refute this claim.  Gambian refugees recall their experiences and injustice under the authoritarian dictator President Yahya Jammeh.

Menschen Tanzen - Human Being Dance"

My guests on this week’s program are film producer and choreographer, Grégory Darcy as well as Angela Ehrlich, Integrationsbeauftragte for the city of Kernen and dancer. We discuss how this production came into being and its connection to the film “Menschen.” The motivation behind the project and the experiential nature of art to create a collective understanding, are discussed. The multicultural troupe mixes and demonstrates African, Indian, Asian European and Middle Eastern musical influence and dance, creating something new. 

alevitische Gemeinde

Hacer Basoglu, winner of the Bürgermedal and other Alevitische Gemeinde members are our guest on this week’s English Breakfast. The Muharrem fasting celebrations, which differ from other Muslim communities are just part of our interesting conversation. Although a large group in Germany, many know little about their belief system. World open, this active community has taken part in many intercultural activities. We are lucky enough to be accompanied by Saz players and religious clerics who introduce us to Alevitik spiritual world and traditional music.

women in local politics

Lidwine Reustle, Gleichstellungsbeauftragte Landkreis Göppingen, explains her role in promoting gender equality and introduces  “Mitdenken-Mitreden-Mitgestalten”. Marking the 100 year anniversary of the right for women to vote in Germany, we discuss barriers  as well as steps which can be taken to  represent women in politics. 

More colours for gambia

More Colours perform at Club Bambule Reggae, Hip Hop, Soul and Dancehall to spread their message of positivity and love between cultures as they call out for more humanity. Sponsored by the Flüchtlingsrat Baden Württemberg to bring awareness to the Gambian Although Gambia has been declared as a “secure country.” the refugee council refute this claim.  Gambian refugees recall their experiences and injustice under the authoritarian dictator President Yahya Jammeh.

Live without pain

MC Manar, rap artist, introduces his premier album “live without pain.” The Palestinian-Syrian artist’s remarkable journey to music and discovery in Italy by film director and journalist Gabriele Del Grande  are all part of our talk. the inspiration behind his songs  Peace for Syria project. Awarded the public’s choice in the “Bunt statt Braun” 

Artist in residence schloss solitude

Indian author discusses his novels, often dealing with taboo topics such as mental illness and minorities.

refugium kunst

Veronika Schnieder, and Ibrahim Abdullatif introduce an intercultural art project for youth, organized by the Kunsthalle Göppingen. Language and communication in various forms are explored starting off with a photography, and more recently written personal texts. We are lucky to experience the premier of Ibrahim reading some of writings stemming from this artistic project.

intercultural weeks 2017

Dragica Horvat, Integrationsbeauftragte city of Göppingen, drops by the studio for her yearly
visit for the Intercultural Weeks celebrations. Now in its 22nd year, the motto for 2017 is “Vielfalt Verbindet” – diversity connects.
There is so much to talk about. From book readings to art installations, film and music, there is plenty of room for reflection,
contemplation but also a chance to meet and celebrate diversity between individuals and their communities. 

history of jazz

Silvan Ögretmen, guest moderator, introduces us to the world of jazz and its history. From New Orleans to fusion, Silvan guides us through the the cultural aspects of the music including African and European influences. Varied musical instruments and rhythms are all a part of this show.

gambia artist in rechberghausen

Yusupha Tamba, Gambian painter, is our guest on this weeks program. We explore his early beginnings as well as cultural and biographical influences in his contemplative work. Eventually opening of an outdoor street gallery and later coming to Germany, themes of his work include faith, connection to the generations and giving back to the future.
Yusupha´s passion for art and sense of purpose have helped him overcome many obstacles. 

namibian visit

Students from Private School Swakopmund, come to the radiofips studios during their exchange with Urland Realschule. Local Swabian foods, sites they have visited and the language differences are some of the topics covered. Festivities, pastimes and attitudes in Namibia combined with the personal bonds derived from youth exchange are part of the program. Namibian music is also introduced

italienische eltern verein

Italienische Elternverein bring in the New Year
Lucia D’Amaro and Carlos Simonte chair and treasurer from the Italienischer Elternverein Göppingen discuss the club’s history,
Gastarbeiter and Interculture as well as celebrations including the New Year’s Ball (Silvester Ball) and Carnevale. Contribution to education and culture expanding over 20 years has lead to some recognition including the Bundesverdienstkreuz awarded to Lucia in 2012 and the Bürgermedale in 2013. More recently the club received the Kulturpreis in 2017. We also discuss further activities and plans for the upcoming year.

café Asyl

Monika Maichl from Cafe Asyl visits the studio to talk about the current situation faced by refugees, restrictions and opportunities. With over 25 years working with refugees and human rights our reporter Vanessa gains valuable insights into this complicated and somewhat in-transparent system and the challenges facing new migrants and their helpers.

women in the digital world

English Breakfast and Taras Welt collaborate for women’s business days “opportunities for women in the digital world”  „Girls, women and digitalization as future oriented themes.  Organizers  Lidwine Reustle the equal rights and director of KMZ Mathias Nagl and other guests are interviewed including Andrea Schmidt LMZ BW,   DB-Bahn, Team View and Stadt Bibliothek, and Teamviewer

frei-zadi theatre premier

Kimia Mokari, actress and assistant producer of the theatre group Frei-Zadi, tells us about founding this project with her father producer Mehdi Mokari. Iranian roots, language learning as well as refugee theatre troupe, are all topics of our conversation. “Ich bin nicht wie du, aber wir sind gleich!” (I am not like you, but we are the same) performance interpreting the experiences of escape, adapting in Germany as well as hope and future dreams.

Cycle Cause for Doctors without Borders

Ian Maurath, discusses his adventurous bicycle trip planned with Lena Friedrich. Their route involves stop overs in Usbekistan, Kirgisistan and Tadschikistan, the silk road as well as China and Afghanistan borders. Combining camping with overnight stays with locals, all while carrying equipment on their backs, they plan a total of approximately 3000 kilometres and reaching altitudes of 4655 meters. Discovering new cultures, focusing on health and resilience are some of the themes of our talk. Listeners can also follow their route and contribute to doctors without borders. Wishing Ian and Lena a safe journey. We will keep in touc

hope a-z

On our latest program, Michelle Hunter, English language teacher and personal coach, joins us to present a learning tool for displaced children residing in refugee camps in Iraq. Through collaboration, its founder, Julie Pratten Kacmaz, brought together an international group of English teachers to author teaching activities for low resource areas. The initial publication, promoting safe learning spaces for children, gives hope and providing structure to those children fleeing war. The first book “Hope Peace Respect” a book of rap songs Jason R. Levine has been followed by “A to Z of Hope” a photocopiable book for early learners. How Michelle decided to contribute the lesson for the letter “F” and positive ripple effects, are all part of our conversation.

kulturnacht 2017

Wolfram Hosch, Kulturrat Göppingen und Uwe Mayer the main organisers of this extensive “Evening of Culture” are our guest this week’s show. 2017 marks the 8th Göppingen Kulturnacht with 27 stations profiling the best of the Göppingen art world. What we can expect at these locations including installations, sounds, images and musical artistry are all part of the mix. Well established cultural institutions as well as some new participants all make an interesting evening not to be missed. Shuttle busses provide even more extensive route that in previous years.

philippinischer freundeskreises GP

Roselyn Tschritter, from the Philippinischer Freundeskreises Göppingen, shines light on this small but active club. She reflects on their yearly charity drives as well as the astonishing brutal 2013 typhoon which caught the world’s attention. Their relief campaign providing food access and and their luck in connecting with local partner “Couples for Christ” are all part of her recollections. She stresses that the generosity of the Göppingen public was a major success factor, but that sustainable help over years will be necessary to rebuild the country. Cultural dance, food and traditions are also discussed.

free gabriele del grande

Of Palestinian-Syrian decent, we touch on the emotional moment of reuniting with his family. Manar continues to develop his craft and plans to participate in the “Voice Kids Lebanon” talent contest. Manar also speaks of the recent imprisonment by the Turkish government of his friend Gabriele Del Grande, film maker and journalist. After 14 days in jail, we are all happy of his release. Guest reporter Fatima joins in to help guide us though the program.

bbq Training

On this week’s program we speak with Eva and Andreas Koglin from BBQ Education and Vocational Training. They discuss new programs relating to refugees and asylum seekers. Using mentors specialized in their fields of expertise, refugees are able to gain support in their search for internships and employment. With over thirty years of experience in training BBQ is now helping the integration process by matching people from countries such as Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq with job positions. Language acquisition, resume writing and skill assessment for refugees as well as company support during the internship and job search process are all part of the show.

trio mara


Trio Mara visit the radiofips studio on English Breakfast. Trio Mara, consisting of Sakina Teyna, Nure Dlovani and Naze Isxan, talk about their Kurdish roots, multi-language texts as well as their composition and lyrics involving traditional Kurdish songs interpreted through European classical instruments. Feminism, peace and politics are all part of our discussion. Many of the songs featured on this program are from their album “behind the doors” giving us insights into a musical interpretation connecting us to an forgotten and sometimes forbidden ancient world.

international women's day

Speeches in front of the city hall as well as excerpts from the women’s day celebration  and female musical artists is what this program is all about, with special guests from the intercultural women’s council of Göppingen