My intercultural activities vary from moderating the IFTAR Fest with the German Red Cross, translation and dubbing films for new families, to organizing events or offering services to migrants. A large part of my role is as speaker of the Integrationsausschuss for the city of Göppingen involves networking with the various communities, cultural clubs and institutions to move forward our integration plan. Participating in arts and culture and reporting on intercultural affairs for events such as Kulturnacht and Intercultural Weeks are just some of my activities.


The Integrationsausschuss (council for migrants) represents those with migrant and mixed cultural backgrounds. Areas include language and education, inter-religious dialog, shared values, living conditions and intercultural dialog. 

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Events and offerings

Bringing people together with the aim of mutual acceptance and sharing different perspectives is something I enjoy. This includes moderating events to intercultural audience or helping with ideas, finding partners and organizing events.