Who is Angeline?

fostering communication

creating bridges

between people and cultures

As a Canadian teaching Business English in the Göppingen area, helping executives improve their communication skills is a big part of what I do. My strong background in controlling and accounting play a role in much of my training and project work.

Business, management and intercultural competence are some of the courses I teach at a the University of Applied Sciences Esslingen (Hochschule Esslingen). Through hosting "English Breakfast" at radiofips, I have the pleasure of chatting with many local guests from the international community. As a Canadian-born English speaker, you can be assured that I offer authentic language skills.

Kurz- Bio

Nachdem Angeline Fischer einige Jahre im Bereich der Wirtschaftsprüfung und Controlling gearbeitet hatte (Horváth & Partners, KPMG, Daimler), entschied Sie sich für ihre Leidenschaft des Unterrichtens.

Angeline Fischer studierte International Business in München und in Paris an der European University mit dem Master Abschluss in Business Administration (MBA) sowie Volkswirtschaft an der Carleton University in Kanada.

Seit 2007 leitet Sie die Fischer Consulting & Support im Bereich Business English. Dieses Unternehmen bietet vielfältige Kurse in Business Englisch und Technical Englisch. Besonderer Wert wird dabei immer auf die Verbesserung der „kulturellen Kompetenz“ der Teilnehmer gelegt.

Quick Biography

After years of working in management consulting, auditing and controlling (Horváth & Partners, KPMG, Daimler), I decided to strike out on my own to follow my  passion for teaching.

With an Economics degree from Carleton University in Canada and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from European University in Paris and Munich, my solid foundation in business gives an additional benefit to my clients.

My approach to teaching is practical with a strong focus on participation and having fun! As a Canadian born English speaker, you can be assured that I offer authentic language skills.

Winner of the 2017 LfK Media Prize category: non commercial, university and educational radio.  

Organizational Training

ELTAS English Language Teacher's Association Stuttgart

My approach to teaching?  Just click on the ELTAS icon for an interview with English Language Teachers' Association Stuttgart.

My about.com business card you can see here.

Educational Mentorship


Part of my community work involves helping parents support their children in education in the Göppingen area. To find out about the Interkulturelle Elternmentoren program and our work, see our latest flyer here.


OB Till welcomeAs Speaker for the Integrationsausschuss (International Committee for Migrants) for the city of Göppingen, my five year term involves representing diverse cultural groups and consulting with the city on cultural issues. An article about our work can be found here as well as a listing of our members.

Film "Gute Start ins Leben"

Guide for new parents and new arrivals to the Göppingen region. An example of the translation and voice dubbing I do in English.